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Certification Benefits

There are many benefits of obtaining an accredited UKAS certificate through Independenrt European Certification Limited such as international recognition, enhanced customer and supplier relationships and potential cost reductions within your organisation.

Companies of any size can significantly benefit from Independent European Certification Limited certification to the management system of your choice. The main reasons why companies seek ISO certification with Independent European Certification Limited are:

1.    To improve business processes
2.    To improve your business's ability to tender for contracts
3.    To increase the quality of the product or service you offer
4.    An aid in marketing with a world wide recognised management system
5.    Improved management control
6.    Improvements to customer services
7.    Increasing your market share

However don't just rely on our opinion as the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has the following to say on the subject:

"New opportunities
Certification bodies can bring a wealth of knowledge to a company during the certification process and this can lead to new opportunities and savings that had not been recognised previously"

"Save Money
When you use a UKAS accredited certification body you are buying into appropriate technical expertise and knowledge. Use a non-accredited certification body and you run the risk of having systems imposed on your company that are inappropriate and not necessarily cost effective. Whereas, an accredited certification body can provide you and your customers with the assurance that your management systems comply with international standards and in addition there is no risk of having to seek re-certification"

"Minimise risk
One of the key reasons a company seeks ISO 9001 registration is to increase competitiveness and to secure new orders by demonstrating its capability and fitness for purpose. However, if the certificate has been issued by a non-accredited certification body, the tender may still be rejected. The Ministry of Defence, for instance, when it requires its suppliers to be ISO 9001 certificated, prefers that the certification has been undertaken by a certification body accredited by UKAS or a signed signatory to the International Accreditation Forum Multi-Lateral Agreement"

Further information about the benefits of Accredited Certification?
To find further information about the benefits of Accredited Certification follow the links below:
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